We at AMS have performed many Thermal Surveys for clients across all of the UK and even parts of Europe.

All our surveys whether ‘Fingerprint’ or ‘Exception’ are supplied in a comprehensive report to our customers with full recommendation and audit findings.

  • Condition of lagging and thermal insulation
  • Location of steam leaks under lagging
  • Detection of breakdown in refractory linings
  • Identification of passing valves, steam traps, etc.
  • Location of furnace-tube hot-spots
  • Monitoring of fluid levels in tanks and vessels
  • Detection of overheating in bearings, gear-boxes etc.
  • Location of hot-spots in electrical systems which include transformers, switch-gear, transmission-lines, bus-bars, circuit-breakers, fuses, cables, motors, generators, brush-gear, etc.
  • Heat dissipation in printed-circuit boards and electronic equipment

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