Using Vibration Analysis, Oil Debris Analysis and Thermography as core technologies, AMS boasts more than 25 years experience for it’s Senior Consultant Analysts with the ability to provide complex Vibration Analysis for Variable Speed and Variable Load Equipment. Full in-depth diagnosis along with our structured reporting system enables site engineers to Maximise these predictive techniques.

    • We believe that a multi technology approach is critical to accomplishing the object of, not just ‘what is wrong’ but, ‘how we put it right.’


    • A multi technology approach means AMS offer a comprehensive service to include: loaser alignment, balancing, chatter analysis, modal analysis and resonance investigation.


    • We will always work with the customer to achieve the correct end result and are great believers in ‘being on the team.’


  • AMS can also deliver various training courses at all levels to cover Vibration Analysis, as well as tailor-made courses concentrating on specific software or analysers, especially when a more ‘practical, hands on’ approach is felt beneficial.